Simple and Easy Rules of Conduct~

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Simple and Easy Rules of Conduct~

Post by ~Annastasia~ on Sun Jul 19, 2015 2:24 pm

We all know how to behave, so the rules are simple and to the point.
Be kind first and foremost.
Please be friends here and on Facebook with all Admin~
If you have concerns or complaints please private message Admin here or on Facebook rather than post in threads. We want to make you comfortable at all times~Just talk to us~
Complete trades in a timely manner or post an explanation of delay.
No spamming posts.
And this big one here. PLEASE don't use gifts/freebies acquired here to fund other groups. We all work hard for our fun and our green cash. If you don't need it please leave it be. We aren't trying to fund other groups~we only want to take care of our Corner of Pet City~
No storage accounts participating in contests please. We only need your main gaming account as member here~
No profanity.
No bullying.
Keep your posts clean from any images that aren't "G" rated.
Have fun and participate~A forum can't be fun if we all just stare~

Thanks for joining and being part of our Corner of Pet City~

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